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Smoked Seafood

An extensive range
of smoked seafood

We offer basic products and specialties within cold and hot smoked seafood – as well as marinated salmon (gravad salmon).

The smoked seafood comes in many different cuts from whole sides for foodservice, thin, vertical and horizontal cuts, thick slices, as pulled or pieces – and of course as the traditional slices.

As a gastronomic quality boost, we also offer a beautiful tail hanged salmon.

All products are also available as a frozen product for export.


Cold smoked salmon

  • Handsalted and smoked over beechwood.
  • D-sliced, longsliced, vertical sliced
  • 50 g - 1 kg packaging
  • With or without brown meat


Hot smoked Salmon

  • Smoked over beechwood.
  • Natural, pepper, garlic, chili etc.
  • D-sliced, longsliced, vertical sliced
  • 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1 kg+ packaging
  • With or without brown meat


Marinated, gravad salmon

  • Handsaltet and marinated
  • D-sliced, vertically cut
  • 50 g - 1 kg+ packaging
  • With or without brown meat

Tail hanged salmon

  • Drysalted and smoked hanging over beechwood
  • Whole cut
  • 300g - 1 kg+
  • With skin and cord


Tapas selection

  • Tapas with 3 different taste in one packaging. Natural, gravad and lemon.
  • 150g packaging (3x50g)
  • With or without brown meat

Flameroasted salmon

  • Heated with smoke from beechwood and flameroasted
  • BBQ and sweet chili
  • 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1 kg+ packaging
  • With skin

Coldsmoked specialities

  • Smoked gourmet cut product in thick slices, organic , lemon peber, sockeye, faroe, scottish, Iceland
  • D-sliced, vertically cut
  • 50 g - 1 kg




Organic hot smoked

  • Organic hot smoked salmon
  • Smoked over beechwood
  • 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1 kg+ packaging
  • With skin


organic Cold smoked salmon

  • Handsalted and smoked over beechwood.
  • D-sliced, longsliced, vertical sliced
  • 50 g - 1 kg packaging
  • With or without brown meat


Hot smoked specialities

  • Mackerel fillet, whole mackerel, trout fillet
  • Smoked over beechwood
  • 100 - 300 g
  • Mackerel with skin and trout without skin

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Welcome to our world of smoked seafood, where quality and variety take center stage

We have a extensive range of cold and hot smoked seafood, from classics to special treats like gravad salmon. 

Whether you need whole sides, pulled, pieces, thick, thin or vertical slices … or simply traditional cuts – the right quality at the right price all ways plays the main role for us.

That is why we’ve partnered with the largest top EU producers, each having their unique skills within smoked seafood. Our products are made in modern facilities with the highest certifications.

We use traditional methods like handsalting and beechwood smoking to preserve the original well known taste and texture of the salmon.

For both stores
& foodservice

Our smoked seafood are packaged in displaycartons, making it simple for your staff in the stores to handle and showcase the products.

We consistently aim for a professional and visually compelling design that transforms our products into eye-catching showstoppers on the store shelves.

Additionally, we provide our seafood products for your Private Label line.

And we offer larger packs tailored for foodservice needs.


–––– displaycartons & foodservice packaging ––––

We offer a wide selection of different types of packaging and flavors for your private label products. Our inhouse marketing department will handle proofreading and communication with printhouses.

Farmed or wild caught?
What do you prefer?

Most salmon for our traditional smoked products comes from farms in Norway (Salmo salar).

You find our most known and most sold salmon products in our NordiQ Select brand and 6-language foils.

You will also find wild caught specialties like Keta, Pink salmon, Sockeye and RedKing in our range. All caught from the icy water of the northern hemisphere, such as Alaska, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Scotland.

We call the series Nordic Cove.

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