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Chilled Shellfish

A delicate range of chilled shellfish

Globally recognized as a true delicacy, cold-water shrimp are celebrated for their firm texture and sweet flavor.

Sourced from the North Atlantic, these shrimp boast a vibrant pink hue that adds an inviting pop of color to any menu.

Embrace the exquisite taste and presentation that our premium shellfish selection offers to elevate your culinary offerings.



  • Coldwater prawn in brine from the cold North Atlantic sea
  • Differnt count size available
  • Cooked and peeled


crayfish tails

  • Coldwater crab in brine
  • Differnt count size available
  • Cooked and peeled

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chilled shellfish

Our premium chilled, cooked shrimp and crabs in brine are conveniently ready-to-serve.

Serve them in their cold, crisp state or gently warmed.

Our shrimps in brine are prepared to offer immediate use straight from the refrigerator, immersed in a carefully balanced brine to enhance the best flavor experience.

Shrimp as a protein-rich delicacy: Our cold-water shrimps are an excellent source of protein while being low in fat.

This makes them a nutritious addition to meals, offering substantial nourishment without the heavy calorie load.

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