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Our refresh range

We can deliver refresh salmon in a varity of trimmings and sizes. You are welcome to contact us to hear more about the process, sizes and prizes.



  • Salmon sides and portions with skin
  • Skinpacked with label.
  • Vacum packed with topsleeve
  • 100 - 500 g

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Delivery directly
from our producers

We guarantee daily or weekly deliveries as needed.

Our process involves the production of fresh raw materials and fast delivery to our cross-stocking system, ensuring rapid and efficient distribution. This commitment ensures the products maintain optimal freshness and shelf life.

Pricing flexibility allows for either a fixed rate for a specified period or an agreed-upon fixed rate within the contract for a set period.

Feel free to contact us for further information and discussions on how we can establish an optimal delivery tailored to your needs.

What is refreshed Salmon

The salmon is produced as “refresh”.

This signifies that the fish undergoes fast processing, packaging, and immediate quick freezing.

This method not only preserves the lovely taste and superior quality but also ensures an appealing visual presentation when displayed in your store.

This means improved logistics and cost efficiency, as we maintain the product in stock and can deliver it to you precisely when you require it.


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