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Elevating packaging design

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What truly matters to our in-house photographer and graphic designer is that your packaging radiates a contemporary and fitting design, regardless of whether it’s value-priced everyday seafood or a premium delight product.

Throughout the entire process, from timelines to proof reading and right through to the final print of your packaging, our in-house marketing team works closely with our clients and suppliers.


Connecting all the dots for you
– our expert coordination ensures a seamless communication

It’s no coincidence that our logo is a speech bubble. We engage in a professional and open dialogue with our clients every day.

Our marketing team take on the immense responsibility of handling all communication between customers, sales, and procurement. This is a central role that involves coordinating packaging design reviews, acting as a link between our sales and procurement departments, and aligning private labels with customers’ in-house teams.

We also collaborate with supermarket chains on promotions, ensuring the accuracy of special offers and quantities.

FOOD Photography

Capturing culinary taste

Having professional imagery at our fingertips gives us a significant edge, allowing us to provide you with visuals that truly speak to your audience.

Food for packaging should be presented in an appetizing way that showcases its best features, makes it look mouthwatering and evoke a culinary experience. 

We produce high-quality food photos
– tailored for packaging.

Our mission is to help your customers envision the delightful possibilities for their next meal. 

Our in-house food photography ensures the rapid delivery of professional pack shots for your weekly promotions – either as 3D images in the early stages or real pack shots once the first product is produced.

For foodservice chains, we understand the importance of inspiring kitchens with creative ways to utilize our products. Our food photographer plays a essential role in bringing to life a varied selection of seafood dishes and compositions, sparking culinary imagination.


–––– Ai genererated ––––

Ai genererated food photos

At Food with You, we're always on the frontier of culinary innovation, not just in the seafood we offer – but also in how we present it to the world.

By learning and using AI in food photography, we stay ahead.

This method is not just about keeping up with trends; it’s about leading into a new way of showing our seafood. We make sure our customers always get the best in both looks and taste.

Recipes, instructions, & Product Testing

Serving suggestions for packaging

Presenting your product in the best possible light on the packaging is crucial to capturing your customers’ attention. Some of our packaging even comes with QR codes that, when scanned, lead to instructional videos on how to handle and enjoy the product.

Our commitment to product knowledge is evident through our taste tests to meet your customers’ demands and market trends.


Packaging design

The right design elevates the product
and makes it leap off the shelf

Our inhouse design setup ensures the swift and comprehensive creation of packaging that not only stands out but also resonates with consumers and drives sales. 

It can be a gamechanger!

In the world of food packaging, especially in a retail setting, design plays a essential role in a product’s success. Our experienced packaging designer ensures that your products are presented in a modern and sales-ready style. When we introduce new products or samples to you, you’ll often find that we have a design suggestion ready for you.

We draw continual inspiration from the world around us and stay finely tuned to emerging trends and innovative packaging solutions. We understand the intricacies of meeting legal requirements and cultural specifications. 

We design packaging for our own brand products and extend our expertise to creating packaging that is tailored and exclusive to individual store chains.

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