Smoked salmon specialities
from the Nordic hemisphere

NORDIC COVE is coldsmoked salmon from Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and the coast of Alaska. Because of the ice cold water Nordic Cove salmon is unique in taste and color with a very soft and smooth texture.

FAROESE SALMON from the icy and crystal clear North Atlantic sea that surrounds the rugged Faroese rocks. The cool, steady temperatures are an ideal for quality salmon. A very special tasty salmon, with a smooth, buttery texture with a gentle smokey flavour.

ALASKA SOCKEYE SALMON is the slimmest species of salmon. It is wild salmon caught along the coast of Alaska. It has a nice, dark, reddish color with a good firmness in the meat. On top our Sockeye is MSC certified for sustainable seafood.

SCOTTISH SALMON is high quality salmon. The frigid waters and strong currents produce salmon that are both strong and high in fat-content. Scottish Salmon is a mild flavored salmon.


ICELANDIC SALMON originates from the icy Atlantic Ocean south of the Arctic Circle. The delicate cold-smoked salmon has a completely unique taste with a soft texture and a deep smoky flavour. 


A special salmon treat

The NORDIC COVE line of salmon are a eye catcher on every plate. Try the speciality salmon for starters like blinis, salads or open-face sandwiches.


  • 4 different salmon; Faroese, Alaska Sockey, Scottish and Icelandic
  • Every pack is 100 gram
  • Comes in sales ready display cartons
  • 10 pcs. per carton

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