Hot smoked filets

LUNCHERÍ hot smoked filets are a delicious addition to your lunchbox. Their rich, satisfying taste elevates any lunchtime meal. 


MACKEREL is at incredible smooth and flaky with rich hot smoked taste – ready to eat. 

We have skinpacked the filets in transparent trays for beautiful in-store display.


ASC TROUTS are farmed in the clear mountain waters of Turkey – in farms that actively works towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Trout, known for its delicate, flaky texture, demands careful handling. Each trout is filleted by hand and deboned. Following the hot smoking process with beech wood, the trout fillets are rapidly cooled, preserving their outstanding quality and delightful taste.


Ideal for an easy lunch
– hot or cold

The rich, hot-smoked flavour is a delightful addition to most lunches. Enjoy it on the side, as bite-sized pieces in soups, as a protein-rich salad topping, or in the traditional Danish style on rye bread.

For a quick and delicious option, you can heat it in the microwave for just 20 seconds, transforming it into a warm, smooth fillet for your lunch.

Each pack includes handy serving tips on the back, providing inspiration for your customers’ next lunchtime culinary adventure.


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Are you interested in adding
hot smoked filets to your range?

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