Food with You is

The trusted bridge between seafood producer and customers in both retail & foodservice

Seafood producer retail foodservice chains

DEAR Seafood producer, We UNDERSTAND that

Connecting with retail- and foodservice
chains can be a challenging task

You may have specialized in specific seafood types, but today’s customers are time-pressed and seek a single entry point to access a wide range of products.

The process of establishing new contracts, navigating audits, handling logistics, and managing customer service can be daunting, both for you and your potential clients. Furthermore, producing small orders individually is not the most efficient approach.

Here’s the Solution:
… Your expertise Is your product
… Ours is sales, logistics, and customer network

Therefore we might complement each other perfectly.

Seafood producer retail foodservice chains

We specialize in seafood. We have an effective sales process, top-notch customer service and a streamlined logistics setup.

Once audited, you become a part of our supplier base.


  • Our extensive and well-established customer network guarantees you easier access to the market.
  • We take care of all daily logistics and customer interactions and requirements for you.
  • We bring actionable market insights to enhance our collaboration.

How do we operate?

Warehouse and headoffice in Central Denmark is under one roof with both cooling and freezing facilities as well as packaging and labelling.
This gives us a firsthand knowledge all the way, a continuity in quality and an extremely flexible logistics setup.

This is how a collaboration with us looks like:

setting up terms

Setting up transparent contracts
that benefits all parts is a must.

Stringent global certifications are a too.

Food safety and quality at every step along the supply chain is essential.


Our sole focus is on seafood
and selling the products.

Our network of customers is wide-reaching and our market knowhow is profound.

We have experienced staff
on board at all levels.