Be sure to find exactly the seafood products you are looking for

Wide range

We offer a variety of high-quality seafood products for your retail stores, restaurants, canteens an a like.

Solid expertise

We serve as your trusted seafood-partner with expertise in both market dynamics, raw materials and production setup.

Flexible delivery

With integrated cooling and freezing facilities all in one location we deliver fast and flexible to meet your requirements.

Mastering the Seafood Market:

Where vigilance
and knowhow
meet excellence

In reality, finding the ideal
seafood products
… at the right time
… at the right price
… and ensure delivery

is incredibly time-consuming.

The seafood market is as time intensive as the financial stock market. It requires a good deal of knowhow, market insights and a constant vigilance on when to close the deal for rawmaterials. 

We understand if this is not your everyday priority –– but it is ours!

This is precisely why industry-leading retail and foodservice buyers trust us to secure the best annual contracts, ensuring a stable flow of deliveries and competitive products.

Our comprehensive market expertise allows us to find favorable deals, even on smaller quantities for “spot deals”, and make the most out of available production capacity at our partner facilities.

We collaborate with renowned seafood producers to maintain consistent, high-quality standards – while simultaneously sourcing the market for innovative and convenient products.

We are a committed team

Your ideas, specifications and consumer insights always is our starting point in our collaboration.

Every day we do our best to ensure your products are packed, shipped and arrive precisely as agreed upon.

Diversity at our workplace is important to us with mutual respect, a positive working environment, and an unwavering commitment to transparency.

We value a workplace with diversity, fostering mutual respect, maintaining a positive mindset and uphold transparency.

We hold every team member in equal regard, recognizing the importance of each individual’s contribution to our seamless workflow.”

A flexible delivery setup – for your seafood products

Mix your order
as you please

Our logistic setup ensures a constant and flexible flow of delivery from seafood produceres all over the world.

The majority of our products are labeled and shipped from our warehouse in Central Denmark. The extensive selection we maintain in our inventory provides a substantial advantage – it allows for the mixing of pallets with diverse seafood products from our wide-ranging portfolio.

You get the best possible shelf life in your store or professional kitchen with flexible deliveries more often.

Best Seafood products

Best seafood productS flow

Local touch
Global quality

To stay close to the production of seafood we have a local office in Poland with experienced local staff with essential seafood knowhow.

This ensures clear communication, best product flow and quick action in case of any concerns. We’re dedicated to bringing you the best-smoked seafood experience.

Food with You is founded on
5 values:


Embracing Creativity for Customer Value: At Food with You, innovation is at our core. We relentlessly pursue innovative products to deliver added value to our customers.


Continuous Optimization: We are relentless in our pursuit of cost efficiency. We continuously seek smarter and simpler solutions to enhance our operations.

Seafood products – about Food with you


Walking the Talk: We adhere to our promises. Our commitment to being clever, competent, professional, and reliable is unwavering. We aspire to be a trustworthy business partner, whether working with small or large enterprises.


Openness, Responsibility, and Reliability: Our business culture is marked by openness and innovation. We empower our employees to take responsibility, share knowledge, and communicate reliably.


Listening and Collaborating: We value active listening, seeking out constructive solutions at every turn. Food with You ApS is built on a foundation of mutual respect and alignment with common goals and decisions.


Come have a look at our seafood products …

Throughout the year, you can count on us to be present at most major food- and seafood exhibitions. 

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