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Frozen Seafood

A comprehensive range of frozen seafood

At Food with You, we are dedicated to supplying you with an extensive and high-quality range of frozen seafood for your customers.

Elevate your menu, captivate your customers, and explore the endless possibilities that our premium frozen seafood brings to your table.


Breaded fish fillets

  • Made from a variety of fish types that cater to your budget, seasonal availability, and preferences.
  • Breading is customized to align perfectly with your market demands.
  • 300 g - 5 kg
  • Bags, box or cartons
  • Prefried, non prefried

Preformed fish

  • Budget friendly breaded products.
  • Cod and salmon fillets – formed from raw material.
  • Fillets, nuggets, strips, burgers and schnitzels – formed from raw material and breaded.
  • 300 g - 5 kg
  • Bags, box or cartons
  • Prefried, non prefried

Fish portions

  • Chain packed salmon, trout and cod portions.
  • 80 - 150 g pr. pc
  • 100 - 600 g packaging
  • With or without skin


Flounder and plaice

  • Different types of flatfish fillets
  • Without black skin and without bones.


  • Tuna steak and Tuna loin.
  • Frozen vacuum packed.



  • Raw farmed and wild salmon
  • Chainpacked, bags, IQF, IVP, bulk
  • 80 - 200 g+ pc
  • Bag: 80 g - 1 kg+
  • Bulk: 1,5 kg - 5 kg+
  • With or without skin

White fish

  • Cod and saithe
  • We also offer haddock and other ”white fish” products both as loins and portions.
  • Chainpacked, bags, IQF, IVP, bulk
  • 80 - 200 g+ pc
  • Bag: 80 g - 1 kg+
  • Bulk: 1,5 kg - 5 kg+
  • Loins or portions
  • With or without skin

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Whole fish

  • Whole raw trout and salmon with head and tale.
  • Frozen and packed in bags.
  • 330 g - 1 kg

frozen seafood cod burger

Opening up a world of possibilities with frozen seafood

At Food with You, we take pride in bringing the finest frozen seafood from across the globe right to your table.

Exceptional Sourcing: Our well-established network on the producer side allows us to curate an exceptional selection of frozen seafood from waters worldwide.

Tailored Solutions: We understand that your needs are unique. That’s why we work closely with our producers to find seafood products that perfectly suit your preferences and the tastes of your customers. 

Private label ready in stock: Having your private label products on stock in our warehouse, ensures  prompt and flexible delivery to meet your demands. This not only ensures convenience for you but also saves valuable freezing space at your warehouse.

White fish and breaded fish have emerged as popular categories

  • White fish meets the demand for healthier and more lean choices.
  • Breaded fish offers convenience without compromising on taste.

Frozen fish, being easy to handle in the kitchen, adds versatility to meal preparation.

Our role goes
beyound sourcing

We are here to advise you and facilitate deals for raw materials while the fish are in season. This strategic approach ensures you the best prices.

Freezing seafood at its peak ensures that you experience the same freshness and flavor as if it were just caught.

Frozen seafood provides an extended shelf life, so your customers can enjoy seasonal delicacies all year round.

Our aim is that most of our frozen seafood is MSC-certificated.


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