Food with You is

Your trusted partner in private label seafood

Private label

Streamlined solutions for every segment

Whether you’re seeking:

  • everyday low-budget seafood,
  • standard seafood products, or
  • high-class premium seafood,

… our extensive range has you covered. 

We are your one-stop seafood solution, offering an array of options that cater to every segment of your market.

We strategically source products at the right time, during the peak of their season, ensuring the best prices for our customers.


Reliability is not just a word for us; it’s one of the cornerstone of our service.

Our customers trust us to consistently deliver their seafood products punctually…

… every day,
… every week
… every time.

And we do that over 99% of the time.

We have a well-established logistics setup, which ensures timely deliveries, a key performance indicator for any retail operation.

Our extensive product range allows us to deliver multiple products in one shipment, even on mixed pallets. 

Our approach is designed to

Simplify the private label process
and lift the task of your plate

In the world of retail, the journey of bringing a new supplier on board means
paperwork, approvals, packaging design, revisions, certificates…
Back-and-forth communications can be a time-consuming and complex process.

However, we have extensive experience in navigating this path and can guide you through a streamlined process:

1. Presenting products

We present products for tasting,
accompanied by pre-prepared
pricing options

2. paperworks

Aligned on prices, quality,
and conditions, we handle
paperwork and specifications.

3. Design dialogue

We send printing details, cutter guides,
and specifications to your
design department or bureau.

4. Complience

Our experienced team is handling all proofreading with the bureau and the supplier. Our attention to detail ensures that your private label seafood products are in compliance with all requirements.

5. Printing

We print the packaging, ensuring your private label products have a professional appearance and match the rest of your line.