A Natural Choice
of frozen seafood

Best meals start with the finest ingredients

That’s why we offer a line of “Natural Choice” frozen seafood, featuring nothing but the natural, raw materials.

Choosing “Natural Choice” means opting for seafood in its most authentic form — raw and unseasoned — giving your customers the freedom to flavor and prepare dishes exactly to their taste.

The clean seafood simplicity pairs beautifully with many vegetables, allowing your customers to combine our seafood with fresh greens and vibrant vegetables.


Flexible packaging options

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, the “Natural Choice” range provides a variety of packaging options that cater to convenience without compromising quality.

Our frozen seafood range includes chain- and skin-packed selections, as well as individually packaged and IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) options. Each piece of seafood is packaged individually to ensure that it remains fresh, flavorful, and easy to handle.


  • Wild salmon portions
  • Alaska plaice fillets
  • Chain packed cod potions
  • Chain packed salmon portions
  • Chain packed salmon portions
  • Salmon fillets
  • Whole rainbow trout


  • Chain packed
  • IQF frozen and IVP
  • Skin packed

Products can be
packed in a variety
of different weights

– feel free to ask us

Natural Choice enhances the cooking experience, ensuring delicious meals every time.

Natural Choice – seafood as nature intended

Do you like to add more natural seafood to your range?

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