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Frozen Shellfish

A comprehensive range of frozen shellfish

We offer a world of seafood, from the the icy North Atlantic waters to sustainably farmed products from Asia.

Our seafood from the ice-filled oceans grows slowly, developing a unique, delicate taste and firm texture.

To preserve flavor and quality, our products are glazed. Our frozen selections not only extend shelf life but also allow for precise portion control straight from the freezer, leading to less food waste.

This approach ensures exceptional taste and quality, making our seafood a number one choice for both foodservice and retail chains.



  • Cold water shrimps, vannamei prawns, black tiger prawns, argentinia red shrimp, seacooked prawns
  • IQF, Bulk packed
  • 300 g - 2 g / bag or carton



  • Langustine, norwegian lobster
  • IQF, Bulk packed
  • 300 g - 2 g
  • Bag or carton
  • Whole or just tail


Value added prawns

  • Torpedo and Eby fried prawns , marinated prawns, Skewers
  • IQF in bag or box / 200 g - 1 kg
  • Raw, marinated or pre-fried



  • Scallops, Blue shel mussels
  • IQF, Bulk packed
  • 300 g - 5 kg
  • Bag or carton

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Frozen shellfish tailored for foodservice and retail

Minimizing food waste is not just an ethical imperative but also a key to cost efficiency.

Individual quick freezing (IQF) process makes our frozen products a smart solution. By using this method, they are loose-frozen for easy and quick thawing, allowing you to use exactly what you need, when you need it, ensuring minimal waste and maximum freshness.”

We source from countries renowned for their quality seafood, such as Vietnam and China. Our model allows us to maintain competitive prices – providing you with high-quality products without the high costs.

Tailored Solutions: By collaborating closely with our producers, we’re able to offer seafood products that align with your preferences and the tastes of your customers. 

Ready in Stock: To further support operational efficiency, we maintain a ready stock of private label products in our warehouse for quick and flexible delivery to meet demands here and now.

Choose us as your seafood partner for solutions that are as sustainable as they are convenient.

Discover natural and exciting flavors

At Food with You, we provide a range of frozen shellfish that not only includes well-loved, familiar tastes but also features flavors designed to enhance and elevate the culinary experience.

From raw, natural seafood favorites your customers love, to an exciting range of marinated delights bursting with unique tastes, our range ensures great varity.

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